LG SEED / DAIRYLAND SEED / STINE - Over 20 years of experience recommending top performers on an individual basis.  Each farm has several soil textures and knowing which hybrid / variety works best is vital in getting the most from your acres.

SMALL SEED - In addition to the oats, barley, wheat we carry custom grass and pasture mixes.  We have a large selection of bulk and pre-made mixes to cater to your needs.

  • Custom lawn and turf grass blends tailored to your soil / moisture conditions.  Popular with landscapers, municipalities and home owners

  • Custom hay and pasture mix (mouse over each above - Healthy Horse is entophytes free)

CUSTOM WILDLIFE PLOT MIXES per your specifications or our recommendation.  Less expensive than the orange bag mixes.  Add Clovers, Beet, Rutabaga, Brassicas, Kale and Chicory to name a few and all priced per pound.


We treat seed for our customers and the seed tender of choice is the Meridian Bulk Seed Tender.  We have several used and new on hand of all sizes.  Call for quotes and availability

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